PrimalForged Photoshoot Part 2 – Petawawa Portrait Photographer

As we mentioned in our previous post regarding our shoot with PrimalForged, we did some shots of Gypsy Birch in a cloak and headdress made by Aniya of PrimalForged . Today I want to share some additional shots from the shoot.

Photography: John A. Butler Photography

Model: Gypsy Birch

Photoshoot Assistant: TomyHawk

Cloak and Headdress supplied by PrimalForged

PrimalForgedCloak2017web-5419 PrimalForgedCloak2017web-5438 PrimalForgedCloak2017web-5466 PrimalForgedCloak2017web-5475 PrimalForgedCloak2017web-5487 PrimalForgedCloak2017web-5491