PrimalForged Cloak Photoshoot

Last week we were finally able to go out with PrimalForged owner Aniya and photograph Gypsy Birch wearing one of Aniya’s Cloaks she made. We were supposed to shoot a few days earlier but, when it comes to our Canadian winters it was just way too cold to shoot that day. We wanted this stylized shoot to show off the beauty of the Cloak. Gypsy was an awesome model as it is never easy to pose in extreme cold and not LOOK cold. He did amazing. I want to thank the whole crew involved for an awesome shoot. Hear is a little teaser from the shoot. More shots to come soon.

Model: Gypsy Birch

Photographer: John A. Butler Photography

Photoshoot Assistant: TomyHawk

Cloak and Headress Supplied by PrimalForged